Our Services

If you just need a cylinder head resurfaced, an entire engine rebuilt. Maybe you just have a odd engine part that you can't find anywhere, our shop can help you!
With over 60 years of experance, antique and vintage vehicles and even tractors are no problem.
Our varied services include work on all kinds of Automotive, Truck, Tractor & Industrial engines and driveshafts: 
Engines Rebuilt (everything put back to factory specs!)
Cylinder Head repairs (even most CRACKED HEADS!)
Driveshafts Rebuilt or Repaired (We stock genuine SPICER driveline parts and tubing)
Balancing (High Speed)
Crankshaft regrinding (including rewelding)
Cylinder Block boring and resleeving (even motorcycle & marine applications)
Engine Blocks Align Bored
Valve Jobs
Connecting Rods reconditioned
Welding - Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel and Cast iron
ATV, Marine and Motorcycle engine blocks bored or resleeved
Driveshaft Diagnosis & Repair
Connecting Rods reconditioned
Broken Bolt & Stud removal
All kinds of Milling & Resurfacing
Thread Repair
 We can supply engine parts for even the most difficult to find vehicles, tractors and even air compressors